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desks and bench
 This project was is much a utilitarian endeavor as it is a philosophical exercise. The full scale pieces were created for Luke’s Local, where we needed to furnish the operations office, and for my partner when we moved to a new apartment. I utilized pallet wood that was readily available.  My goal was to extend the life of the pallet wood, keeping it out of the landfill for as long as possible. The full scale furniture became the starting point for an exploration of an industrial scale proposal for upcycling wood. I looked to home deconstruction for raw material and quickly narrowed my focus to 2x4 wall studs to give structure to my exploration. I modeled in 1/5th scale to both test the industrial process I am proposing and explore the language of the objects. I also modeled the material at full scale to better understand the process. I see this work as an early phase in a larger exploration of sustainable reuse and landfill diversion.
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